Storyline for Starters

The Manual for Articulate Storyline®

Storyline for Starters is The Manual for Articulate Storyline®. Both tutorial and reference guide, all in one, it is designed to kickstart new users into rapid development mode. From the first time you open Storyline on your computer, it will be your authoritative guide.

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This book was written by Phil Mayor, Steve Flowers, and Russell Still. All are fulltime professional developers who served on Articulate’s Beta team for over two man-years. And the editing crew, every single one of them, were also longtime Storyline Beta testers. The end result is a manual designed, written, and produced by people who have all become Storyline experts.

Don’t get stranded on the learning curve. Take Storyline for Starters and begin creating exciting new projects today!


"If you can think it, this book will help you create it. Easy to follow, with clear instructions, and perfectly organized to turn anyone into a creative master. If you're new to Storyline, this is the book you want."

Sarah Hodge - St. George, UT

"I can heartily recommend Storyline for Starters! It is a great title, written by authors who really have an in-depth understanding of Articulate Storyline. I also like the fact that there is a 'members area' where exclusive content such as chapter additions, special reports and samples can be accessed. Good job, guys!"

Mark Fletcher - Southport, UK

"Storyline for Starters is the essential guide to Articulate's newest authoring software. With this book, you will quickly create highly interactive projects without needing to be a programmer. It contains examples, case studies, and invaluable tips and tricks that show you how to create exciting eLearning courses in hours, not days. You're going to love it."

Brandon Carson - San Carlos, CA

"Great layout. Great screen shots. Well organized. It is an excellent tutorial for the beginner. It'll save you hours."

Michael Kaufmann, MD - Indianapolis, IN

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