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We'll periodically update this space with helpful tips, tools and references for Articulate Storyline developers. Whether you're new to eLearning development or a seasoned pro, you might just find something useful.

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A taste of what you'll find in the book:

Download this free Storyline Anatomy chart to help you navigate the way Storyline works.

Useful Tools

Need a great microphone?
For a warm professional sound at a low price, the Samson USB microphones cannot be beaten. We recommend this one – it includes a free "Lite" version of the Sonar professional editing software.

Need sound editing software to complement Storyline?
Looking for a great audio editing suite that is both inexpensive and easy to use? Sony's Sound Forge is our recommendation.

Other Useful Utilities & Resources

Feature Matrix - an Excel spreadsheet that indicates differences in Storyline support of Flash, HTML5, and iOS – Create very cool text banners with textured and 3D backgrounds. Free. – If you want to create your own buttons of almost any type, this is the place to do it. Free. - Really nice .psd clipart. Free. - Large collection of high quality icons and clipart in .png format. Free - Large collection of free audio clips and sound effects. – Very high quality music clips; 100s, perhaps 1000s to choose from. They cost but they’re worth it. This is where the professionals go. – Good place to rummage around for free sound effects. – Neo’s Clip Archive; great assortment of short video clips plus an excellent list of other links. Free. – Fantastic old public domain photography. - Free images; good selection. - Extensive selection of free backgrounds and textures. – NASA video, free for you to download. – NASA’s digital imagery repository. - Tons of public domain images, many in high resolution. – Some excellent video provided free by the U.S. National Park Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What file formats does Storyline use?
A: The source format is proprietary with a ".story" file extension. The output files consists of .html, .js, .css, .jpg, .mp4, .swf, .png, .gif, and .xml.

Q: How can Storyline Content be viewed?
A: The content can be viewed on all devices that support Flash, via the Articulate Mobile Player (available from the App Store for free), or on HTML5 compliant browsers (output is optimised for Safari, Chrome, Mobile Safari). The Mobile Player provides a better iPad viewing experience than HTML5. Encourage your users to download and install it.

Q: Do I have to publish separately for each device?
A: No, you can choose to publish once for all devices. Link to the story.html file and this will decide which content to deliver based on what device is being used. If the user's browser is Flash-capable, content will be delivered in Adobe Flash. If the user's browser supports HTML5, content will be delivered in HTML5. If the device is an iPad and the Articulate Mobile Player is installed, the Mobile Player will play the content.

Q: Does the iPad Mobile Player work on the iPhone?
A: No, the published content can only be viewed on an iPhone using Mobile Safari.

Q: Can I import any file formats into Storyline?
A: Yes, Storyline will import PowerPoint, and all Articulate Studio Content (Presenter, Studio, and Engage). Storyline does not support all of PowerPoint’s features and some things may appear different.

Q: Can the Articulate Mobile Player track content via my LMS?
A: No, the current standards for tracking content require the use of a browser. Because of this it is not currently possible to track via the iPad Mobile Player app.

Q: Can the Mobile Player app be used on password protected content?
A: No, the mobile app is unable to authenticate passwords. All content that is delivered to the mobile app must be available on the internet.

Q: Does Storyline support Actionscript 3 Flash files?
A: Yes, both  AS2 and AS3 files should work within Storyline. This content, however, will not be viewable via the Mobile Player or HTML5.



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